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2019 Line Up!


Mathew Human

and the Human Experience

As a producer and musician, Stone Mecca’s solidly established a foothold in the worlds of both Hip Hop & R&B. Now, as a solo artist, Stone Mecca has stripped down his production style to its rawest form, creating a gritty love triangle between roots rock, blues and funk. On his latest album Alienman, Stone Mecca combines his love of hard-hitting hip hop beats and funk-driven bass lines with grinding guitar riffs and soulful melodies. The first single from his new album, "If Experience Was Money", was featured on, remarking that "The electric vibes of… Stone Mecca and his old school cool are lustfully intoxicating." His second single, "Boogeyman" recently premiered on A talented multi-instrumentalist, Stone Mecca wrote, produced and played all the instruments on every track. And Stone Mecca’s live set, with a tight, energetic 5-piece band packs the walls with a titanic sound.

Matthew Human is an international touring musician, actor, producer, recording artist, and a prolific songwriter based between Ashland, OR and Nashville, TN.

Born in Utica, NY, Matthew Human and his family also put down roots near Akron, OH, and Nashville. He studied Anthropology and Event Production at Kent State University, dropping out in 2002 to record his first album ‘Rainshadow.’ Inspired by the world events following the September 11 bombing and aided by a spiritual calling to study farming and ultimately pursue a full-time career in music, Human moved his base to the Mendocino Coast of Northern California in 2002. There he formed the first incarnation of his band The Human Revolution. Human and his rotating band of musicians would tour all over the United States performing their original country-rock dance music, eventually becoming one of the best-loved acts on the West Coast festival circuit. In 2006 Human released his award-winning pro-hemp music video “Tree of Life” which went viral and led to a role in a 2010 movie on the subject as well as the 2006 American Marijuana Music Award for “Best Music Video.” In 2009 Matthew Human and The Human Revolution had the honor of opening for Willie Nelson’s labor day show in Piercy, CA. As a longtime advocate for healthy food and consumer rights, Human would go on to lead three US-based tours in support of GMO labeling initiatives, including 2011’s GMO Right 2 Know March, a 315 mile political march from Brooklyn, NY to Washington, DC. The consumer health motivated march made its way down the eastern seaboard, briefly joining the ‘Occupy’ camps popping up in the various cities, and culminated in a high-profile concert outside the White House on International Food Day that year. Matthew Human is recognized as the Global Music Ambassador of Food For Life Global, the world’s largest vegetarian food relief program which serves over 2 million free hot meals daily. In 2012 Human self-produced his 7’th album ‘Small Town’, which was among the first ever completely crowdfunded albums on Kickstarter, raising $20k of grassroots funding from his fans and network, which featured a song dedicated to the service organization.

Stone Mecca

Mattew Human and the Human Experience

& more TBA!!

First 50 people through the gate get free Ridgestock posters!


5pm Kids Hot Trash Fashion
5:30pm Samba Drumming Kick-off
6pm Broken Spoke
7:15pm TBA
7:35pm Golden Shoulders
8:35pm Intermission: Belly Dance
9pm - 11pm The Mermen

5pm Magic Show
6pm Skank Bank
6:45pm TBA
7:15pm Matthew Human & The Human Revolution
8:15pm Intermission: Haute Trash Fashion Show
9pm - 11pm  Stone Mecca

Sustainability Workshops & Demonstrations from 3pm - 5pm

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